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About the Texas Medal of Honor Memorial

No other state in this great union of ours had a beginning quite like that of Texas. Forged in the fire of the Alamo and San Jacinto, Texans were born with courage and daring in their blood. It is the essence of being Texan.

Those individuals who have earned our nation's highest decoration for combat valor, the Medal of Honor, continue that bold tradition. Texans who have earned the Medal of Honor reflect the history of our state. A Texas recipient of the Medal might have been white, black or hispanic. He might have served in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. He could have earned his Medal fighting the Comanche on the plains of West Texas, in the rice paddy fields of Vietnam, the volcanic hell that was Iwo Jima or under the waters of the Pacific Ocean. No matter what his background, his branch of service or the conflict in which he fought, valor is the common thread that binds each recipient. He performed above and beyond the call of duty in combat against an enemy of the United States of America and his valor often cost him his life.

The Memorial will feature a larger than life-size figure cast in bronze. The action depicted reflects the character of all seventy Texas recipients of our nation's highest decoration for combat valor.

The Marine selected to represent all Texas recipients of the Medal is George H. O'Brien, Jr. In 1952, O'Brien was a Marine Second Lieutenant fighting in Korea. As platoon leader, he lead a daring charge that resulted in the re-capture of a vitally important hill position. His Medal of Honor citation reads in part:

"With his platoon subjected to an intense mortar and artillery bombardment while preparing to assault a vitally important hill position on the main line of resistance which had been overrun by a numerically superior enemy force on the preceding night, 2d Lt. O'Brien leaped from his trench when the attack signal was given and, shouting for his men to follow, raced across an exposed saddle and up the enemy-held hill through a virtual hail of deadly small-arms, artillery, and mortar fire. Although shot through the arm and thrown to the ground by hostile automatic-weapons fire as he neared the well-entrenched enemy position, he bravely regained his feet, waved his men onward, and continued to spearhead the assault, pausing only long enough to go to the aid of a wounded marine."

The Memorial will be located at the International Headquarters of the Commemorative Air Force in Midland, Texas, which is the official air force of Texas. The eight foot bronze figure of O'Brien will stand impressively on a base of pink Texas granite. A plaque on the base will feature the names of every Texan who has earned the Medal. Midland is the home town of George O'Brien and of the Memorial's sculptor, Doyle Glass.

The Texas Medal of Honor Memorial will serve as a reminder to us all that freedom is not free. It will forever remind us of the sacrifices those seventy Texans made for our nation. A fund has been established to collect contributions that will make the Texas Medal of Honor Memorial a reality. Donors who contribute one thousand dollars or more will have their name inscribed on a plaque with the Memorial. Donors who contribute two thousand dollars or more will receive a one quarter life size replica of the statue.

Tax-deductible contributions for the Texas Medal of Honor Memorial can be made payable to CAF/TxMOH Memorial and sent to:

Commemorative Air Force
P.O. Box 62000
Midland, Texas 79711

Texas Medal of Honor Memorial sculpture by Doyle Glass Bronze Medal of Honor Sculpture by Doyle Glass Texas Medal of Honor Memorial sculpture by Doyle Glass

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